Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Buying Guide

What To Look When Selecting A Carbon Fiber Hard Hat?

  1. Job & Work Environment
  2. Hard Hat Type & Class
  3. Hard Hat Suspension
  4. Hard Hat Material

1. Job & Work Environment


Your Job is the determining factor. Which main risks you are opened to during your work? Are you a miner, electrician or construction worker? Tools, Matel or rocks falling on you?
Workers risk their lives daily, but a proper carbon fiber hard hat or other types of hard hat can be a lifesaver.
For example, If you are working with electricity, you need an insulated hard to absorb hight voltages in case of an accident.
Safety is not something you can gamble with, so be careful while choosing a hard hat.

2. Hard Hat Type & Class

Hat Hat Type & Class

Hard Hat Type:

Hard Hats classified in Types & Classes according to your needs. Two main types are Type I & Type II.
Type I hard hat will protect the worker from a surprise on top of his head — for example, a piece of wood falling from the top story of the building.
Type II is better than Type I because it protects you from falling material as well as from lateral impact. It offers full head protection, unlike the Type I.

Hard Hat Classes:


E Hard Hats protects from High voltages up to 15,000 or even more. E Stands for Electrical.


C Hard Hats protect from impacts. C stands for Conductive. Do Not use C class hard hats if you work with electricity.


G Hard Hats provide low protection from high voltages, but it also protects from impacts. G stand for General.

3. Hard Hat Suspension

Hard Hat Suspension

Suspension system plays the primary role as it spread the impact force all over the hard hat reducing the impact force. You can pick from three types of suspension systems including four, six & eight-point suspension. Carbon Fiber Hard hats are containing a more significant amount fo suspension points provide high protection on impact.

4. Hard Hat Material

Hard Hat Material

Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass is the most common materials used for hard hats, but you can also find aluminum hard hats in the market. Rigid Plastic is a widespread material due to its durability and light-weight. HDP – High-Density Polyethene used for hard cowboy hats, but they are not fit for construction sites. If you are looking for a best hard hat than carbon fiber hard hats or fiberglass hard hats are top picks for you.


Before Buying any cheap or expensive hard hat, Please make sure what is your work environment, what is the temperature of your work area, what type of work you do and what risks you face in daily routine during work.
“You Only Live Once.” So please be careful and always buy a hard hat that is from a famous brand and have many positive reviews.

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