Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Buying Guide – All You Need To Know

Have you ever seen laborers, builders, electricians, and miners wearing bright colored hats while constructing a building, doing some electrical work, or extracting minerals like coal, ore, etc. from mines? These hats are made of rigid material designed mainly to protect against electricity, falling objects, slips, falls, and shock.
Constructions are so un-predictable. Workers at a construction site have to deal with so many critical hazards on a daily basis. They cannot work without wearing a hard hat as it may prove fatal under severe circumstances. These hats will keep your head and spine from any harm and thus prohibit severe consequences. Hard hats made of carbon fibers are long-lasting, lightweight, and tough. Above all, they ensure promising results and are available at a low price.

Uses Of Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

Given below are some of the key benefits of hard hats.

  • These hard hats are critical for the safety of workers in a workplace where a head or spine injury may occur. This can be due to the accidental dropping of equipment, tools, material, and other articles.
  • Hard hats are essential if you are going to some barricaded and construction area.
  • You need to wear a carbon fiber hard hat at a site that is 30-50 years old and needs to be demolished.
  • Visitors and contractors who need to visit the construction site must wear a safety carbon fiber hard hat.
  • Use these hats, if you work in areas with exposed electricity and energized conductors that can prove fatal and may cause death.
  • In the case of a falling object, a hard hat can reduce damage by dividing its weight. This will divert the force towards the ears and spine and prevent concentrating it at one point.
  • As compared to hats composed of other materials, carbon fiber is better in every way. It is strong and durable, extremely lightweight, and provides the necessary strength to prevent any breakage.

What Do You Need To Observe While Purchasing A Carbon Fiber Hard Hat?

Now that you already know why and when do you need to wear a hard hat, still, this is not enough. Before purchasing the right product, you need to consider a couple of things. You must know what you are paying for to get this particular hat. The product must fulfill all your requirements or else it is not worth your money.
Wondering what the criteria of a good carbon fiber hard hat are?
Do not think too hard. Below we have discussed a complete carbon fiber hard hat buying guide. Let’s get right into it.

1) Material

You cannot compromise on the quality and material of the product. Hard hats are composed of a variety of materials. Some materials are strong enough, but they are extremely heavy and may cause strain in your head and back. On the other hand, several hard hats consist of lightweight material, but they cannot resist breakage caused by heavy objects.
Hats made of carbon fibers of diameter 5–10micrometres have numerous advantages. These include less weight, more tensile strength, high stiffness, tolerance against extreme temperatures, increased resistance to harmful chemicals, and less thermal expansion. Due to this, the material provides support and rigidity when a heavy object falls on your hat. All these characteristics make it the most appropriate material for a hard hat.

2) Your Work Environment

The next important thing in our Complete Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Buying Guide is to consider is your work environment. Different hard hats are designed for different purposes depending upon the usage and work requirements. Given below are the types of work environments that greatly influence your selection of hats.
Industries And Factories – The first and the most common work environment is an industry. Industry workers always need to wear a hard hat for safety against slips and falls, heavy materials, etc. These are mostly full-brim hats that cover the front and back of the head and ears. Full-brim hats are the best as they provide complete protection from every side.
Electrical Site – If you are working at a site where there are high electrical hazards, or you have to contact electrical equipment then your priority will be to purchase a hat that can protect your head by absorbing maximum shock. As their primary purpose is to restrict electricity, so these hats often fall in peaked hats category. Peaked hats consist of just a frontal brim. However, full brim electrical resistant carbon fiber hard hats are also available in the market.
Construction – These hats are mostly the rounded ones. Laborers also have to work at night, so their hats feature bright yellow or orange colors. Hence, they are visible from a distance. Laborer’s hard hats have a high tensile strength to avoid accidents.
Extreme Temperatures – Workers who have to work under extreme temperature conditions should choose a hat accordingly. Your hat must absorb maximum heat and should have excellent breathability. For example, firefighters require hats with minimum thermal expansion as per the demand of their profession.

3) What Do These Colors Indicate?

You might wonder why these hats are available in so many colors. What is the purpose of each colored hat? Or what color should you choose? Each color indicates a specific reason. Here we have given a list of each color and what it is meant for. Have a deep look on the below carbon fiber hard hat buying guide to choose the right color hat
Brown Color – People who used to face high temperatures at their workplace wear brown colored hats.
Green Color – If you work as an inspector at a working site, then you have to choose this color. This will differentiate you from other workers and laborers.
Grey Color – Wear a hat even if you are just a student or contractor who wants to visit the working site. So while purchasing it, select a carbon fiber hard hat with a grey color.
Blue Color – You might have known this one. People who have to deal with electricity or work in areas with high voltages have to wear this. Carbon fiber hats having a blue color tend to absorb maximum electric shock.
Yellow Color – This color is for common laborers and workers working to construct a building, roads, houses, bridges, etc.
White Color – The rarest one is a hat with white color though it is equally important. Site managers wear hats with white color so that everyone would know who he is.
So, choose the right color according to your job type. Now let us discuss about the hard hat classes and types in our carbon fiber hard hat buying guide.

4) Hard Hat Types And Classes

Now, this can completely change your buying behavior. These hats belong to different types and classes according to the ANSI standards. Each category and type has its own requirements and criteria. While purchasing a carbon fiber hard hat, always check the assigned type and class in its specifications. Worry not! We are here to make things easier for you. Below we have given a complete explanation of all possible classes and types. Take a look.

Classes Available In Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

i. Class – G

Here G stands for General. This class is the most common one. This is because it has the lowest criteria and standards. Class G hats fulfill the following criteria:

  • A hard hat provides a little protection against extremely high voltage.
  • If it gives just enough protection from low voltages
  • Provide protection against a small impact, then it belongs to class – G.

ii. Class – C

C indicates conductivity here. Here C does not indicate electrical conductivity; rather, it shows conductivity against heat and sweat. These hats consist of such material that can absorb your sweat and later diffuse it into the air. This operation of releasing sweat through the material is called breathability. So Class – C hats are best for you if you work in hot areas or at high temperature working sites. Unfortunately, these hats are not good if you work at electrical sites. These do not protect your head from shock.

iii. Class – E

Next up is class E. This class indicates hard hats that are electric resistant. Generally, if a hat belongs to class E also belongs to class G. E class hats avoid high voltages to damage your head and brain. Mostly all blue colored carbon fiber hats belong to class E that can be used at electrical sites. According to ANSI standard, they can avoid as high voltage as 15000 volts or maybe even more.

Types Of Hard Hats

There are two types of hard hats, namely type-type-II, and I. These types define criteria in terms of the impact of falling objects.

i. Type-I Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

Type I hats can reduce the impact of heavy objects falling directly on top of your head. For example, it will divide the impact of falling a nail gun or hammer from a shelf or another story.

ii. Type-II Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

These hats are way better than type-I hats. They usually consist of a dense material or foam inside to protect from hard impacts. Type II hats will protect your head from all sides. Usually, these are full brim hats covering your front and back of your head, ears, and neck. However, there is a problem with hats containing thick foam inside. Such hats offer poor fitting, and you might feel uneasy wearing them for long hours.

5) Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Suspension

You might not be familiar with this term. If some hard material slips and falls on your head then it can concentrate all the force on one point of your head. This situation is extremely dangerous as it may break the hat and injure your brain.
Therefore, all the carbon fiber hard hats offer 4 point suspension at least, then 6 points, and at most 8 point suspension. Due to this feature, the impact of falling objects is diverted towards your ears and back. Hence, whole force is divided evenly throughout the hat. 6 and 8 point suspension hats are the best, but they might be a bit costly as compared to the 4 point suspension hats.

6) Replaceable Inner Foam And Pads

You might have experienced some wear and tear of the foam inside your carbon fiber hat. This occurs due to constant usage. But not to worry. Do not spend a significant amount of money on purchasing an entirely new piece. Instead, you can just replace the old worn-out foam with a new one. Enjoy the same best results without compromising on your money.

7) Consider Your Cost

Almost all carbon fiber hats provide good results still, some products offer better protection than others. But, you cannot compromise on your safety just because you cannot afford it. So, if you are an employee or worker in an industry, then ask your employer to provide you safety hats. If you can afford a good quality hat, then do not act miserly. Get hard with a minimum 6 to 8 point suspension to reduce impact.

To Conclude,

Safety hard hats are necessary to ensure your ultimate protection. You cannot risk your life while earning bread and butter for your family. Carbon fiber hats are indeed the best consumer choice as they are lightweight and offer a number of other qualities. These hats consist of compact and dense material, which makes them super light and strong. No other material can compete with them in terms of strength and durability. Their toughness lasts for the longest period of time.
In addition to their rigidity and lightweight, they can fight extreme temperatures and electrical shocks. These hats give the best result against high voltages of about 15000 or more. This will avoid electric currents to damage the brain, face, and spinal cord. The C class carbon hats stop not only extremely high temperatures but also extremely low-temperature conditions. These qualities make them reliable and your best safety preference.
Class E and G hats are almost similar except for the amount of voltage they can resist. It is better to choose a carbon-fiber hat of type II with 6 to 8 suspension points. The selection of the right class purely depends upon your type of work. We hope you like us our Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Buying Guide and if you have any comments or future product review request please comment below or message us. Thank you.

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